Turf Wars Episode V – The Empire strikes back


After the success of the early autumn, a new hope you could say, where I took back what was rightfully mine – the third place at the total points top list, the evil Empire strikes back!


The ever bullying Bullmannen terrorizes poor freedom turfers in the remote planet called Hoth.


The planet Hoth

Why they called it Hoth I don’t know, looks freezing to me. Anyway here the evil Bullmannen tracks down every single turfer and slash them down with Xperia power 😦 Thankfully sometimes I manage to sabotage his TIE Biker and intelligence got him in this picture, on his way to his reserve bike..



In this reign of terror I had no choice but to retreat to the beautiful and mystical planet of Dagobah..



…in search for greater wisdom and power and true understanding of how Turf really works.

Here I will seek out the legendary Turfer who goes by the name of thunell and together with him I will find the true power of Turf. Few people have ever seen this mystical turfer, but thankfully we found an old archive picture:



With time, training and patience I will most certainly get the help and knowledge I need from thunell to find the strength to make another 15000 takeovers.

Who knows, I might even become so strong that I manage to turn Bullmannen from the dark side and together we’ll be able to overthrow the evil Emperor tomtebloss!



Only time will tell if we succeed in this great task. Be sure to check in at the premiere of Turf Wars Episode VI, in cinemas May 2013


Vad är Turf? (What’s Turf?)

Today Google published their statistics on the most searched words, phrases etc in Sweden. Being a turfer, you like stats and especially the fact that the second most increasing search term for “vad är” is Turf! Awesome right?



Turf insider round 28


New servers, tweaked regions and TeamTurfing
Results of round 28
This round was indeed a round for the turfers in the smaller cities! Usually we always see many turfers from Stockholm, Västerås or Linköping high up on the score board, but this round top 5 consists of only small/mid sized town turfers, which is fun! It shows that now a days, You don’t have to live in a big city with many zones and turfers to be competitive, a step in the right direction for the game! The gold medal in round 28 went to Kingenin, for the second time. Kingenin, who lives in Kalmar, made a smart move when deciding to go on a Turf holiday in the Netherlands bringing home the Netherland Explorer medal and a bunch of unique zones and points per hour. However, that is not enough these days, especially when You have serious competition from the Jönköping turfer Toubkal. Toubkal pressed on, leaving no choice for Kingenin but to do the same when trying to reach Fiddes highscore from round 26. Almost got it aswell, but that record will live on for another round at least 😉 The gold medal, however, was back in Kalmar with Kingenin with a whopping score of 584000 points. Silver for Toubkal with around 420000 points and the bronze goes to Sundsvall and one of our OTs (Original Turfers), Stonecape, a real old timer can also compete it seems 🙂 Congrats to our medalists!

New servers, new way to report bugs and tweaked regions
At the start of round 28, Turf migrated to new and better servers. Some glitches and tuning later, we now have the capacity to welcome many more turfers and at the same time the Turf experience should be much smoother for all of us! Some minor bugs still appear though and we always want You to report them, in order to get an even better performance of the game. For example we had trouble today with the new round, which unfortunately started an hour too early.. Turfdev is sincerly sorry about that, hopefully turfers are understanding and forgiving 🙂

Speaking of bug reports.. Turf crew are now offically enhanced with two issue managers, namely TBIT and Stonecape. They are working on a much easier way for the users to report bugs, and for the devs to easily recognize which the worst bugs are. For the time being the issue managers would love it if You report the bugs You find according to this: Forum post

A much desired feature is now back in the game: You will now only change the region chat room when taking a zone in a region which is not your home region. This means You will still be on your home region top list, but will have the opportunity to be social with the people in the region you’re currently in. You will stay on the top list of the region where You made the most amount of takeovers in the current round, so no more hijacking of other regions top lists 😉

Team Turfing!
Thanks to our community we now have a third party solution for creating teams in Turf! The turfer Knegge took up the old work of Pinky, refining it and making it work again and the results can be found at Team Turfing So gather friends and colleagues and challenge them! Actually, in Västerås we already have seen some team action, where the west side turfers totally crushed the east side in an epic battle for domination 🙂 Many are happy to see this and at least I will be watching this feature hopefully evolve to something really great!

Misc news
As always, I will remind us all that we have an awesome community! The Forum is active as always with discussions and loads of great information about the game. Also the stats at Warded keeps evolving. The Turf blogers keep making fun and interesting storys for us to enjoy, You’ll find the blogs at turfgame.com.

Happy turfing all of You and don’t forget to make a small detour for that extra zone 🙂
//Blabert, Sweden

Fairy’s been naughty

New round, new challenges and a new fairy. What the hell happened is my thoughts, the fairy kicked in and lowered the points per hour quite a bit this time. I was actually hoping for a little bump up, but instead just about every zone got knocked down with one point. Take a look at this!


Sixty zones and the average is barely four points per zone and hour.. What the hell, it seems we’re gonna have to step it up a bit otherwise we’re gonna end up like those poor bastards in Denmark 😉

So what is the fairy you might wonder? The fairy is a tool that automagically (almost anyway) decides the value of each zone. It makes its decisions based on how active the zone is, so if a zone is taken a lot, preferably by many different turfers, it will get higher points per hour and lower takepoint. Generally zones in extremely active areas, like the central parts of Stockholm for example, have a low takepoint because of the high activity.

So why am I complaining? Well, based on the screenshot above, I will get approximately 5-600 less points from these zones during the night when they are not likely to be taken. That’s about 15000 points I won’t get this round, when I’m home in my bed sleeping… It’s no question about it, it’s an outrage! 😉

Good news is I’ll get all the points I loose in my bed, at the very least, from the increased takepoint instead. So status quo I guess… This hole post was quite unnecessary then. Good night.

Top of the hill

Zone pick of the day #3

I missed a day, sometimes I need to take a day off Turf and get drunk! Anyway, back in business and here’s today’s zone Ringbacken (RingHill)


A very nice hill to have a zone in! Problem is that the zone is on the top of the hill and not accessible from the angle the picture is taken from. Instead you have to walk around the hill until you see this:


And then you need to walk/climb/crawl/fall for about what felt like 500 meters to finally reach the zone. On the way back I almost tripped on one of the 7000 rocks and it would surely have resulted in broken legs and arms, good thing I kept my bike helmet on! Speaking of the bike, it was of course gone when I came back, apparently I should have used one of those “where’s my car” apps and geotagged it before I went in to that ocean of rocks and pines… Awesome 🙂

Pimpin’ my bike

Zone pick of the day #2

Some of you have already seen my Bonanza pimped out bike, but now it’s parked in the lovely zone RunnAndDive. Extreeeeemly fun name because the lake in the picture is called Runn…. Anyway, I didn’t runn or dive for that matter, just almost crashed on my way getting of the pier..


By the way, I think everyone should pimp their turf bikes, gimme pictures! 🙂